Corporate Tax – Sectors

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses that engage in the extraction of the UAE’s natural resources and in the non-extractive parts of the natural resources process that are liable for Emirate-level taxation will be excluded from the UAE CT regime, bound to specific situations and promises as stated in Articles 7 and 8 of the Corporate Tax Law.

Yes, UAE CT will apply to banks with UAE headquarters and UAE branches of foreign banks.

Yes, Real estate management, building, development, agency, and brokerage businesses will be applicable to UAE CT.

Although investment funds that fulfill particular criteria can apply to be excluded from UAE CT, the asset management and broader financial services industries will be subject to UAE CT.

Charities and other organisations serving the public good will be free from UAE CT if they satisfy specific criteria and are included in a Cabinet Decision.

International shipping businesses and airlines are subject to special tax regulations in the UAE. Here are some crucial details about their taxation:
  • Offering air or sea transportation services for passengers, cattle, mail, packages, products, or other items internationally.
  • Leasing or chartering ships or planes for use in international travel.
  • Equipment that is essential to the seaworthiness of ships or the airworthiness of aeroplanes utilized for international travel is leased or chartered.

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